From BYDT we offer an integrated approach to the problem of waste and energy supply.

We analyze each case from different points of view, both scientific and technical, technological, economic and social, and always through a multidisciplinary approach to the particular needs of our clients.
In line with this in BYDT we have four business lines:

Consulting, consulting and engineering

Preparation of studies and reports
The studies and reports that BYDT usually performs are mainly oriented to the use and recovery of waste, (mainly biomass), focusing on the availability of the different substrates and their management alternatives , treatment and / or use, as well as the technical and economic viability of said alternatives. These reports are made on an exclusively scientific-theoretical basis as well as based on trials.

Process optimization
BYDT provides different optimization solutions that can be approached in different ways. For example, a change of operating strategy, the modification of certain stages of the process, the implementation of new ones or the automation of the process or a part of it, among others.

Waste management, treatment and recovery
In this field, tests are carried out to determine which technologies and treatment strategies allow a better management and / or recovery of the different types of waste. Among the different types of tests carried out, the characterization of waste and products, biodegradability tests, composting tests, methanization tests and experimental treatments are highlighted.


Waste management, treatment and recovery
In this field, tests are carried out to determine which technologies and treatment strategies allow a better management and / or recovery of the different types of waste. Among the different types of tests carried out, the characterization of waste and products, biodegradability tests, composting tests, methanization tests and experimental treatments are highlighted.

Field trials
This type of trials are aimed at determining the agronomic effects produced by the application of a given product or treatment to a certain crop. This type of trials is usually carried out first in the greenhouse on pots and secondly on a field scale on agricultural land, in order to corroborate the results. Among the field trials that are carried out with greater frequency, the agronomic valorization of organic amendments, biofertilizers and bio-inoculants stands out.

Technological services

Development of technological solutions
BYDT carries out specialized design of technological solutions focused mainly on waste treatment systems, but also aimed at solving specific problems in specific processes. These solutions are raised from purely theoretical levels, through the development and implementation of models and simulators, to levels of sufficient detail to develop and build prototypes or ad-hoc equipment and integrate them into the process.

Development and production of biofertilizers and bio-inoculants
BYDT has extensive experience in bioreactors and biochemical processes thanks to the collaboration with the group of bioprocesses of the University of León in its line of biofertilizers, which allows it to offer services for the development and production of biofertilizers and bio-inoculants. These development services cover the entire production process from the optimization of the cultivation process of the microorganism in question, through the valorization of its effectiveness in the field, to its possible commercial formulation in different supports. On the other hand, BYDT has the experience and capacity for the formulation of biofertilizers in a wide range of media, from the most classic ones such as suspensions or liquid concentrations, peat or vermiculite to more novel supports such as biochar or carbocompost in which different manufacturing methodologies such as encapsulation or pelletizing.

Development and programming of computer tools
BYDT has designed, developed and implemented various computer tools to assess the technical and economic feasibility of biogas systems as a complementary activity to the preparation of studies and reports on different management strategies and waste management.

The developed tools have been made based on the analysis of the parameters with greater influence on the technical and economic viability of the anaerobic digestion process, such as the geographical availability of different wastes or the alternative uses that can be given to the biogas, in addition to the requirements requested by the customer.

Design and construction of pilot plants and experimental equipment
In the field of R & D, it is usually necessary to test new techniques or experimental procedures on a small scale. The main problem that the researcher finds when carrying out this type of tests is the lack of adequate equipment on the market for their needs, due in most cases to the fact that the technique or procedure in question has not been carried out previously, which is an obstacle for researchers when carrying out their tests. The main characteristic of this type of equipment is that its application is specific for a certain process, therefore, it is necessary that its design and construction be made according to the needs of the client so that it meets its operating expectations, so that It is necessary that they are designed and built according to specific customer specifications according to their needs.

Throughout its history, BYDT has carried out numerous experimental tests in activities related to R + D + i, which has allowed it to acquire extensive experience in the development and construction of pilot plants and experimental equipment. Based on this experience, it has developed a line of business that offers services for the design and construction of pilot plants and experimental equipment for third parties, which are custom built to test a specific process on a laboratory / pilot scale.

BYDT has designed and built several pilot plants, including pilot plants for dry and wet anaerobic digestion, fermentors for the production of biofertilizers and bio-inoculants or plants for the bioelectrochemical treatment of wastewater.

Repair, modification and development of pilot plants and experimental equipment
As an extension of the design and construction line of pilot plants and experimental equipment, BYDT offers repair, modification and tuning services for this type of equipment, both own construction and others. Between the most outstanding works find the setting of termobalanzas to pressesure, the modification of equipment for the adsorption of gases in stages, the repair of distillers of laboratory for rectification of methanol, the repair of methanización equipment or the automation of systems of production of distilled water.

Development of composting control systems
BYDT has developed a control system that allows adapting the frequency of aeration to the oxygen demand of the process based on a model of microbial kinetics. For this the control system has a software that allows the user to enter the parameters that define the properties of the substrate, the physical properties of the compost pile and the requirements and conditionings of the process, in this way the system defines the cycles of aeration needed during the process. This control strategy allows the composting process to be carried out in adequate biological and energy conditions, thanks to the optimization in the oxygen supply to the process.

The control software developed apart from the process control by means of oxygen demand also allows to carry out the control of the composting process by means of classical algorithms such as the one conditioned by time and temperature, the timed and of course the manual control.

Services for R & D for third parties

R + D + i project management
The processing of projects and grants for the execution of R & D & I activities is a complex task in terms of its application, management and justification. Thanks to the experience gained during these years in the management of own R + D + i projects, BYDT offers R & D management services to companies interested in the development of an R & D & I project in the application for This type of project, freeing the interested party from the necessary procedures and advising it administratively not only during the application but also during the development and at the end of the project with the justification tasks. These management services include the study of calls, the preparation and processing of applications, the justification of the project, or the request for tax credits.

Elaboration of scientific-technical publications and editorial activities
The BYDT staff has experience in the preparation of technical scientific documents and editorial activities, specifically in the preparation of scientific articles and technical publications. This type of publications is usually done in collaboration with research organizations as a result of collaborations in different R + D + i projects.