Daniel Blanco Cobián

Managing Director

Daniel holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering by the University of León (Spain). During his tenure as researcher at the University of León (2003-2009), he has specialised in biological waste treatment and he gained experience in the management of treatment systems in full scale. When he founded BYDT, he assumed responsibilities for the areas of Management, Administration, R&D, Projects and Quality. During this period, he devoted his efforts to the development of his own R&D and the promotion of third party ones. Similarly, as an Agricultural Engineer, and given his knowledge on bio-processes, he has simultaneously worked on a research line oriented towards biofertilisers. He has participated in projects concerning composting and obtaining composting byproducts and agricultural implementation of biosolids and compost for the production of different crops. Recently, his main academic contribution has involved the development of bio-fertilisers based on plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), both in terms of the multiplication of these microorganisms in fermenters, and in the agronomic trials of its effects on crops.

He has participated in 12 national and international R&D projects. In four of them he acted as the head of the participating entity and, in the remaining projects as a researcher. He has also took part in the execution of 19 contracts –in 13 of them as project leader–associated with interregional cooperation and sectoral R&D. He has authored or co-authored 19 scientific-technical articles and documents, 5 of them in SCI publications, and he is also co-author of 26 presentations at national and international conferences. He has also received additional training through 14 accredited courses and workshops totalling more than 1,100 hours. These courses were focused on a diversity of topics such as the acquisition of competence and skills in his research field, and the administration and management of technology and teaching based companies. He is member of the I.S.L.E International Sustainability Network, the Spanish Network of Composting and the Spanish Society of Nitrogen Fixation (SEFIN).

Rubén González

Director Técnico

Rubén González González holds an Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of León. During his period as a researcher associated with the University of León (2012-2014), he has specialiced in chemical analysis techniques as well as in the handling, conditioning, repair, commissioning and operation of pilot plants connected with R&D focused on anaerobic digestion, composting, catalytic bio-electrolysis, pyrolysis and wastewater treatment, among others. After joining BYDT in 2014, he has performed tasks related to chemical analysis as well as design, automation, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of pilot plants associated with R&D. He is also in charge of carrying out tasks of project management and administration.

Rubén González has participated as a researcher in five national projects and in 10 contracts associated with R&D. He has also received additional training in research competences and technical skills through 6 accredited courses totalling more than 750 hours. He was also part of the winning team of the ‘II Competition for Prototypes of the University of León’, institution from which Rubén González is honorary collaborator.


BYDT is assisted by contributors that support specific aspects of its activity or that occasionally participate in its projects.

  • Diego García performs tasks of software design and automation and control systems.
  • Raúl Marcos Alonso collaborates in the application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), in the optimisation of bioreactors as well as in the manufacturing of parts for experimental equipment through 3D printing.
  • María Muñoz and Rosa María Díez have collaborated in the production and edition of scientific and technical energy and waste related documents.
  • Diego Próspero was the IT manager in various software developments for the evaluation of biogas systems made by BYDT.
  • Álvaro Blanco and José Ramón García collaborate in the development and maintenance of the BYDT website.
  • José Luis de la Rosa constructs reactors and other pilot plants elements.
  • María AllerRaquel Campos, María CastañoPablo CastillaVanesa CastroLuis EscuderoNuria FernándezPablo López and Norberto Rodríguez participated in various tasks related to BYDT while carrying out their professional practices.